Kyle Korver's Clothing Line Benefits Underprivileged Children and Families

Purchases from Seer Outfitters benefit the Kyle Korver Foundation, a non-profit organization that help underprivileged families in several major cities.

If you're tired of your regular street Tees, check out Chicago Bull SG Kyle Korver's clothing line, Seer Outfitters, for a fresh look.

As a bonus, any Seer Outfitters purchase does more than give you an edge up on style. The clothing line is connected to the Kyle Korver Foundation [KKF], a non-profit organization involved with several community projects in Philadelphia, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Omaha, Neb. By donating all of its profits to KKF, Seer Outfitters is able to fund the foundation's efforts to help underprivileged children and families in need.

KKF's and Seer's most recent projects include installing handicap ramps in Utah, funding inner-city after-school programs in Philly, holding shooting clinics at the Boys and Girls Club of Omaha, and hosting a gift and coat drive in Chicago.

The foundation and clothing company are Korver family operations. Kyle's brother Klayton co-founded the clothing line with Kyle, who came up with the name for the company—Seer Outfitters—with his dad. For the Korvers, Seer Outfitters means "a visionary whose images inspire social change."

The Korver vision is reflected in the clothing designs. All of the shirts and hoodies are named after positive values such as knowledge, respect, peace, courage and loyalty. The Korvers hope to inspire those who wear clothing from the collection to "show love, to give love."

Visit Seer Outfitters to browse the collection, and check out KKF's Facebook page to stay updated on their philanthropic endeavors and to learn how you can get involved.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock