Learn Portion Control

For Meals

Protein = Hockey Puck

Stick to a three-ounce serving of meat, fish or poultry. It should take up approximately a quarter of your plate.

Veggies = Baseball

A one-cup serving of vegetables is about the size of a baseball, but feel free to have more if they're not cooked in butter or topped with cheese.

Cooked Grains = Billiard Ball

Don't fill up your plate with spaghetti or rice. Limit cooked starches to about the size of a billiard ball.

For Snacks

Salad Dressing = Ping-Pong Ball

Keep servings of salad dressing to two tablespoons, about the size of a ping-pong ball.

Dip = Golf Ball

Even if you're dunking raw vegetables, limit servings of creamy dips to about a quarter-cup, the size of a golf ball.

Sweets = Tennis Ball

After your entrée, limit your portion of ice cream to a half-cup.

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