Learn the NBA's Best Crossover Technique Right Here

Learn how to perform the legendary crossover move of former NBA star point guard Tim Hardaway with this tutorial from STACK Expert Paul J. Fabritz.

Former NBA star point guard Tim Hardaway had one of the best crossover moves in basketball history. Other players can bust flashy crossovers, but few can match Hardaway's effectiveness.

A good crossover shifts the defender and creates space for an open jump shot or a clean drive to the basket. It's also extremely difficult to defend, because the ball stays close to your body.

Killer Crossover How To

To improve your game, add Hardaway's killer crossover to your repertoire. Here's how:

  • Slowly approach the defender with the ball in your left hand.
  • Take a small step with your right foot and dribble between your legs from left to right.
  • Shift your body weight to the right and use a head fake to force the defender to think you're going right.
  • When the defender shifts to cut you off, immediately cross over to the left.
  • Explode to your left for a pull-up jumper or drive the lane for an easy layup.

Coaching Points

  • To make it harder for the defender to steal the ball, cross over below your knees.
  • Explode out of the crossover and don't slow down; don't let the defender recover.
  • Cross over to create space. You need only a few inches of separation to get an open look at the hoop.
  • Master the crossover in both directions.
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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock