LOOK: Once Labeled 'Too Skinny,' NFL Wide Receiver Josh Doctson Now Has The Jacked Arms of a Linebacker

Check out the arms on Josh Doctson, who was recently criticized by NFL scouts as being too skinny.

Coming out of TCU, Josh Doctson was a highly polished, very athletic wide receiver. Though there weren't many knocks against him as an NFL prospect, one seemed to come up again and again. In the eyes of several scouts, Doctson's lack of muscle mass could be a potential issue at the next level.

From NFL.com's scouting report: "Tall but needs to add more muscle to prepare for physical, press cornerbacks"

From CBSSports.com's scouting report: "Lean-framed and thin-boned, limiting his growth potential"

From USA Today's Draftwire: "Long, lanky frame that could benefit from added muscle"

From BleacherReport.com: "The first thing you notice with Doctson is that he's rail thin on a 6'2" frame"

The consensus on Doctson seemed to be that he was a very good receiver prospect, but his lack of muscle mass could be a significant issue at the next level. If you look at photos of Doctson from college, it's evident that he was indeed on the skinnier side. For example, look at this photo from December 2014:

Josh Doctson TCU

He's not a twig, but there's definitely some room to put on muscle. Now, check out these recent pictures of Doctson:

Damn, Josh! You got a license for those guns? Even Hulk Hogan would be proud of those pythons. Obviously, Doctson heard the concerns about his frame and focused on bulking up.

Doctson trained for the NFL Combine at EXOS San Diego, a facility STACK visited during our Path to The Pros series. While we were there, EXOS SD strength and conditioning coach Roy Holmes expressed his excitement about the progress Doctson had made so far.

"Since Josh arrived at EXOS SD, he's worn long sleeves and a hoodie every day. So you don't really know what his body type is. But within the first three weeks, he put on about 10 pounds. And when he put on those 10 pounds, his 40 times started dropping, his Squat started going up, his Deadlift started going up, his Broad Jumps got further. He's just a very powerful guy. He's a strong individual," Holmes said.

Now a member of the Washington Redskins, Doctson engineered a body transformation that could have primed him for an explosive rookie campaign.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock