Los Angeles Lakers Debut New 'Hollywood Nights' Alternate Jerseys

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Kobe Bryant - LA Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers will forever be associated with purple and gold uniforms, racking up 16 championships with the likes of Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and Kobe Bryant—and with Jack Nicholson bellowing encouragement from his permanent courtside seat. But this season, for a few games at least, the Lakers' traditional colors will take a back seat to a new one: black.

L.A. will rock its brand new "Hollywood Nights" alternate uniforms for a select number of games during the 2013-2014 season. The new threads are predominantly black, with purple and gold accents along the side and in the numbers and letters. According to a team press release, fans have been clamoring for a black jersey for years, and the name "Hollywood Nights" is a call to the industry that makes the city such a world famous destination. And when your star player is nicknamed "Black Mamba," a black jersey only seems right.

Do you like the new unis? Or are the Lakers infringing on a classic?


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