Make More Efficient Cuts and Direction Changes With This Simple Form Tip

Spend less time on head fakes and deception, and use this technique to be quicker out of your cuts.

Whether you're a college wide receiver looking for a way to gain more separation on your routes or a middle school athlete who wants to move faster on the playing field, please pay attention. This simple strategy can help you cut faster and leave your opponents in the dust.

Too many athletes and their coaches are digging way too deep into the process of cutting and changing direction by focusing on the breakdowns and deceleration, or the level of the hips when changing direction, or even head fakes and elusiveness. The answer is much simpler then that.

The athlete who creates the best angles changes direction more efficiently and gets out of his or her cuts faster!

If you're in a situation where you're standing up tall and want to move to your left or right, the first thing you would do is shift your weight in the desired direction. As you lean, your body creates the proper leg angle to push off and accelerate your body in that direction.

The same concept applies at full speed. No matter how you break down or decelerate, or how many head fakes you give, your body still needs to be able to apply force into the ground in the most efficient angle. The most efficient angle will always be found by pushing the ground down and away in the exact opposite direction of your desired propulsion.

Spend less time worrying about chopping your feet and giving head fakes and more time planting your foot in the ground properly and creating separation.

Watch the video above to see this technique in action.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock