WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Gives Texas Longhorns a 'Wolf of Wall Street' Pep Talk

Watch Matthew McConaughey give a pep talk to the Texas Longhorn football team.

Actor and Texas native Matthew McConaughey paid a visit to the Texas Longhorns football squad the other day. He played the role of coach, in the sense that he was seriously inclined to bestow his wisdom and knowledge upon the young and aspiring athletes.

McConaughey challenged the players: "Ask yourself, man, when you look in the mirror tonight, 'Why do I play this game?'"

He also had the team do the Wolf of Wall Street heart-patting hum—explaining how he actually does it in real life to loosen himself up when he gets nervous.

The Longhorns, 2-2 so far this season, suit up today against 4-0 Baylor.

Watch McConaughey preach below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock