Leslie Bonci Talks Meals for Athletes at Super Bowl XLVII

Pittsburgh Steelers dietitian Leslie Bonci took some time at the Gatorade Fuel Bar at Super Bowl XLVII to walk us through the breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations she gives to her athletes.

For breakfast, Bonci likes to keep the plate colorful so that it will look attractive when a player sees it. A large portion of fruit provides fluid and carbohydrates to the body, and an egg sandwich provides protein to fuel the athlete in the morning before a workout. If players still aren't convinced, Bonci provides a smoothie full of carbs and protein.

For lunch, Bonci likes to keep it light, since her athletes are usually back on the practice field about an hour later. Chili, cornbread and salad make up the lunch plate. The meal is full of anti-inflammatory foods to help the athletes recover faster.

For dinner, Bonci recommends a plate of stir-fry, with lean meat instead of chicken (since her athletes consume chicken all the time) and a side of fruit or vegetables to complete the meal.


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