Gaming Update: DLCs for 'Metal Gear Rising,' 'Tomb Raider' & 'Dead Space 3'

Learn more about new DLC coming out for "Metal Gear Rising," 'Tomb Raider" and "Dead Space 3."

Tomb Raider DLC

New downloadable content (DLC) is being released this week for Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising and Dead Space 3.

Three New Maps Coming to Tomb Raider

The "Caves & Cliffs" DLC will be released for Tomb Raider on March 19, exclusively for Xbox 360. It contains three new multiplayer maps for the adventure game: "Scavenger Caverns," an underground network of caves used as a prison by the island's scavengers; a Shantytown built on the island cliffs containing several perilous traps; and "The Burning Village," which is true to its name. They are playable in each of the game's four multiplayer modes: Rescue, Cry for Help, Team Deathmatch and Free for All.

The DLC will cost gamers 400 Microsoft Points or $5. It is currently unclear when the content will be available on PS3 or PC. But at a minimum, you should have the game, which has received high marks and praise from critics and fans alike.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's "VR Missions" DLC Coming March 12

Konami will release the first in a series of DLCs for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The "VR Missions" pack will give gamers the opportunity to take Raiden through 30 new challenges, where his agility and fighting skills will be put to the test. The DLC includes at least one challenge that allows players to control a Dwarf Gekko when stealth is necessary.

The "VR Missions" DLC is available exclusively for PS3 stateside, where it will be accessible as a free download from March 12 through April 3. In Europe, however, the content will be available for both the PS3 and Xbox. Dates have not yet been set for the release of the other upcoming DLCs: "Jetstream," which will take a look into the origins of villain Jetstream Sam; and "Blade Wolf," which will breathe life into Raiden's robotic dog LQ-84i, who will get an origin story of his own.

Dead Space 3's "Awakened" DLC Being Released on March 12

Visceral Games has announced plans to release Dead Space 3's "Awakened" DLC for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers. The download will pick up after the conclusion of Dead Space 3, just as Issac and John have survived Tau Volantis and returned to their ship, Terra Nova, with plans to return to Earth. That plan is dashed when they realize the Unitologists have taken over the ship and are using it in their worship of the Necromorphs. What follows is gore galore as the two annihilate the disfigured monsters. During a recent interview, producer Shereif Fattouch promised that the expansion would increase the scare factor to unseen levels.

In other news, the lackluster sales of DS3 have lead EA to cancel plans to move forward with the development of Dead Space 4.

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