Michael Jordan Shuts Up Young O.J. Mayo

Back in 2006, Michael Jordan taught high school senior O.J. Mayo to respect his elders. Watch the video to see how His Airness quiets the trash-talking youngster.

Michael Jordan didn't hold back when he faced O.J. Mayo during a basketball camp back in 2006. Apparently Mayo, then a senior in high school, engaged His Airness with a bit of trash talk. Jordan, at 42, was officially retired (for real this time), but the greatest player of all time wasn't about to take lip from a young stud.

Jordan cleared the fans from the University of California-Santa Barbara gym and declared school was in session. What you see in the video below is a textbook example of shutting up a trash-talking opponent. The talented but raw Mayo, now with the Milwaukee Bucks, has no answer for Jordan, who finishes the clinic by backing down the high schooler and draining a perfect turn-around, fade-away jumper.

Respect your elders. Mayo learned this lesson the hard way.

Source: http://larrybrownsports.com/basketball/video-michael-jordan-oj-mayo-camp/205923

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock