Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Revamped Survival Mode

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So you've already completed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's campaign, and you're tired of getting killed before firing a single shot in multiplayer mode. What's next?

We recommend checking out Spec Ops Survival mode, one of the most entertaining "zombie" modes we've ever encountered. Although we've seen it before in previous Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare 3 adds enough new wrinkles to make Survival mode feel brand new.  Like in previous versions, the mode a pits a player against waves of increasingly stubborn enemies. What makes it different this time around is the focus on strategy and teamwork. Although you can try to fight through Survival alone, you won't get very far. The mode is meant to be played with a teammate who can help you divide and conquer the map.

The fast-paced battles in Survival mode get more furious as the game progresses. After a few clashes with sluggish foes, players find themselves facing "Juggernauts," heavily armored soldiers who won't go down without a vigorous fight. Each enemy poses a new challenge requiring a different strategy, keeping players from ever feeling truly comfortable. The addition of objectives adds another layer of strategy to an already complex game.

In Modern Warfare 3, Survival mode takes place on multiplayer maps, so  it's great practice for multiplayer matches against world-class gamers. Shared maps also give Survival fans a chance to enjoy more variety than in previous Call of Duty games—without investing in an expensive map pack right away.

Survival mode adds depth to an already great game. For more information on this record-breaking release, read STACK's Modern Warfare 3 review and our interviews with NFL players and avid gamers Brandon Lloyd and Terrence Cody.

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