Game-Like Partner Shooting Drills for Basketball

Two is definitely better then one when it comes to practicing your shooting. Become more consistent next game with these drills.

Basketball Drill

If you want razor sharp offensive focus come game time, incorporate some partner drills into your training. Nothing will prepare you better and improve your shooting consistency more than working with a partner. Why? Because your shots, movements, communication and conditioning are more game-like.

In the following drills, the passer is not allowed to pass the ball until the shooter raises his or her hand and calls "ball." Shooters must stay low on the catch and pay attention to their footwork so they don't travel. Remember how to improve your game when going through the following drills.

Give these drills a try during your next practice. No partner? Go for Individual Basketball Shooting Drills.

25 in 5

The goal depends on the players' skill level. Beginners should make 25 shots combined, while advanced players should make 25 shots individually. Players take turns shooting and rebounding/passing out.

Go for five minutes, making as many shots as you can.

  • All shots must be from beyond 10 feet
  • Move constantly
  • No walking or drifting
  • Keep track of makes

NBA Combine Shooting Drill

The order of shots is: short corner, wing, layup, three, short corner, wing, layup, free throw. If you have cones, use them to mark the spots. Take turns shooting and rebounding/passing out. The shooter has to run around the cone he is shooting from, but the shots must be within his range, either behind or in front of the cone.

  • Run around cone before shooting
  • Shoot from behind or in front of cone
  • For the layups, first run around the free throw line cone
  • Hold your follow-through until the ball goes in
  • Make sure your partner has the ball before you sprint to the next spot and call for it

For a competitive edge, time the shooter from the release of the first shot until the last one goes in, and keep track of makes.

Make 7 in 11

For this drill, pick a spot to shoot from and another spot 10 to 15 feet away. This is where you will start from and touch between shots. Call "ball" to ask for it and remember your footwork.

  • Take 11 shots; you need to make at least seven
  • For every make short of seven, run a down-and-back
  • Run after both partners are done shooting their set

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock