Attack the Goal Like Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil Drill

Philadelphia Wings All-Star Paul Rabil's shot exceeds 110 miles per hour—fast enough to outrun an Amtrak bullet train. But what's the point of a train that can't reach the station, or a shot wide of the goal? There isn't one, so when it comes to lacrosse, power is nothing without accuracy. That's why Rabil performs this Kneeling Shooting Drill, which builds shooting strength and laser-like precision. The drill teaches you to blast a rocket toward the goal by turning your hips and snapping your forearms.

Paul Rabil's Kneeling Shooting Drill

  •  Assume a kneeling position 10 yards out and slightly to the left of the goal
  •  Snap the ball across your body. Aim for the lower corners of goal
  •  Repeat on the opposite side

Sets/Reps: 2x8-10 shots

Coaching Points: Keep your chest up//Make sure your wrists come over your shoulders in order to snap ball down and through


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