Paul Walker Cast in 'Hitman' Reboot

Are you a fan of the "Hitman" video game? Paul Walker has been cast to play your favorite video game character on the big screen.


Late last week, Paul Walker was cast as the lead in the upcoming Hitman reboot. (Don't miss Paul Walker's performance in the upcoming action flick, Vehicle 19.)

20th Century Fox is moving to reboot the would-be franchise in an attempt to please critics and fans. Although the 2007 film, which featured Timothy Olyphant as the lead, wasn't a financial failure (the film pulled in just under $100 million in the box office), the casting choice and overall plot took a beating in the reviews.

The reboot, tentatively titled Agent 47, will be written by Skip Woods, the scribe behind the 2007 flick as well as the current release,  A Good Day to Die Hard. Aleksander Bach will make his feature film debut as director. Chuck Gordon, Alex Young and Adrian Askarieh will share the producing duties.

The choice to cast Walker is already riling up video game fans, since Agent 47 is described as an unattractive man with an imposing presence, completely contradictory to the Fast & Furious star's good looks and overall playful demeanor. It will be interesting to see if he can convincingly pull off the transformation. The move comes as several other studios have cast big names like Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy in the upcoming Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell movies, respectively.

The video game adaptation will begin filming later this year, once Walker wraps up promotion for the latest Fast & Furious installment. A release date has not been announced; however it is expected to hit the silver screen in 2014.

Photo: MMGN

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock