Performance Benefits of Egg Whites: Should You Ditch the Yolk?

Eggs are both a common breakfast choice and a great source of protein for athletes. But what else is in an egg?

One yolk [the yellow part] contains 210 mg of cholesterol and five grams of fat. Not exactly ideal for a muscle-building diet. Compare that to the zero milligrams of cholesterol and fat in an egg white.

Here's a nice compromise. Mix two egg whites with two whole eggs. [Most experts agree that two yolks a day is fine, because they provide additional vitamins and protein.] Beat them with a fork and cook them in a pan with some of your favorite vegetables. One egg white has four grams of protein, and a whole egg has six grams. So two egg whites and two full eggs scrambled give you 20 of the 40 to 70 grams [depending on gender and size] you should be getting daily. Not a bad start to the day!

Hard-boiled eggs are another way to get your fix. Immerse the eggs in a pan full of hot water [not boiling] for approximately two minutes. Then cover the pot and set it aside for about 14 minutes. Once the eggs are done, chow down on a healthy afternoon snack.

Whether your body benefits from your diet depends on your smart decisions, just like when you're on the field. Making eggs a staple of your diet is a smart, easy choice—and you get a decent amount of muscle-building protein, too!



Joe Baur Joe Baur - Joe Baur is a certified personal trainer with a bachelor's degree in mass communication from Miami University [Oxford, OH]. He became certified with the National Association of Sports...
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