Get Game Ready With Point Guard Game Simulation Drills

The most sure-fire way to be game ready this season is with game simulation drills. STACK Expert TJ Jones runs us through the best ones for point guards.

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Point guards, what does your basketball preseason program look like? Are you just going through the motions, or are you actually training to improve your game-time performance? Don't do drills just for the sake of doing drills. The preseason is a great time to rework your shot, ball handling, conditioning and other important aspects of your game. (See How to Become a Better Point Guard.) If you truly want to improve your game, perform drills that mimic real play.

Below are a few examples of game-like drills for point guards.

Penetrate and Kick

Drill 1

Starting near half-court, dribble down the sideline to the wing. (See Improve your Dribble.) Change direction to attack the paint, go middle and throw a kickout pass to a teammate on the opposite wing. After the pass, cut to the top of the key, take a pass back from your teammate and shoot a one-dribble pull-up.

Drill 2

Begin again near half-court and dribble down the sideline to the wing. Execute a hesitation dribble, then lead a full-force attack on the paint, heading toward the baseline to pass to your teammate. After you pass, cut to the elbow, receive a pass back and attack the basket with either a floater or a two-foot finish.

Moving Without the Ball

Drill 1

Starting at half-court, dribble toward the top of the key and pass to your teammate on the wing (see Dominate the Wing). Cut under the basket, simulate a narrow pin down, and curl to the elbow for a catch and shoot jump shot. Mix in fades to the corner, pop-outs to the wing and hard curls to the basket for layups, jumpers off one or two dribbles, shots off fakes and jabs and finishes at the rim with floaters.

Drill 2

Start with the ball near half-court and dribble toward the top of the key. Pass to your teammate on the wing and cut to the weak side corner. Simulate coming off a wide pin down for the catch and shoot at the elbow. Mix in the same shots listed in Drill 1.

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