J.J. Watt And Friends Ask 'What Are You Hunting?' In Latest Reebok Commercial

J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans face off against the New England Patriots tonight in the third installment of the NFL's Thursday Night Football series, and with Watt's first appearance on national television this season comes a brand new spot from Reebok.

The final commercial in Reebok's "Hunt Greatness" campaign features Watt, accompanied by a child, a mother, a high school football player and a bi-amputee veteran, all describing why they put in the hours in the gym that they do. The inspirational spot ends with Watt looking directly into the camera and asking "What are you hunting?"

"Each one of us has our own definition of what greatness is, but we can all hunt together. This film helps give people the tools and the motivation to hunt their own personal greatness," Watt said of the commercial.

Check out the full spot above.


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