Product Review: Callaway Diablo Octane Driver

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Adding to an already impressive lineup, Callaway recently introduced the Diablo Octane—its latest driver. Callaway seeks to break the mold of titanium drivers with a club that's lighter, faster and stronger.

Instead of using only titanium, which is standard in the industry, Callaway adds a crown of Forged Composite, a lightweight and incredibly strong material developed in conjunction with Lamborghini.

"Forged Composite provides us with the ability to engineer performance enhancements like never before," says Dr. Alan Hocknell Sr., Callaway's VP for research and development. "The Diablo Octane Drivers are configured to deliver unmatched power and precision through superior design, construction and advanced materials."

In addition, Callaway fine-tuned its manufacturing process to create a face with a larger sweet spot, one that produces straight and consistent drives, even when the ball is hit off center. This is coupled with a Project X Graphite shaft, which is designed to be longer than other drivers while maintaining feel and performance. The longer shaft length is a key contributor to increasing club head speed.

The result of all these technological innovations? Callaway claims the Octane produces drives averaging eight yards longer than its predecessor, the Diablo Edge.

We recently had an opportunity to play a round with the Octane and put this claim to the test. On first holding the club, we noticed its lightweight feel, despite the larger head and longer shaft. It maintains a balanced weight and a sense of high quality.

The whip of the club accelerates the head through the ball at a high speed, and power transferred to the ball is apparent from the sound of contact and feedback from the shaft.  Our drives sailed further than normal, setting up shorter and easier approach shots. What's undeniable is the club's forgiveness. Slices and hooks were reduced, and any ball struck away from the sweet spot still traveled unexpectedly straight.

Overall, the Diablo Octane is a solid club to have in your bag. We recommend it for any golfer looking to add some extra distance or accuracy to drives.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock