Puma Debuts the Faas 800

This is a post on the new Puma Faas 800 running shoe.

Faas 800 Puma

As a runner, you may find it difficult to find a shoe that fits your foot just right, especially since everyone has their own unique running style. But STACK is happy to point you in the right direction.

We've talked about the Puma Faas line before, but a new addition caught our eye. A lightweight running shoe, the Faas 800 specifically targets overpronators—those whose ankles roll inward with each step. Pronating can cause the big toe to end up pushing the foot forward more than is healthy or necessary.

With a high medial sidewall and a one-piece midsole, the Faas 800 prevents runners from rolling their feet over as they run, thus reducing the risk of injury. The Faas 800 also has flex grooves on the outsole, another feature that limits extra motion when you take a step forward.

According to Puma, "The aim of the 800 is not to control the foot, but rather, guide it to a more neutral position in order to prevent (rather than correct) overpronation."

The Faas 800 is now available for men ($100) and women ($110) at the Puma Shop.

Photo:  Puma

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock