Quick Grab-and-Go Snacks for Pre-Game Fueling

Most high school athletes know the importance of pre-game nutrition, even if they don't always follow the rules. [For more info, check out the Pre-Activity Nutrition section of the STACK Blog.] Before stretching or warming up, it's important to put something in your stomach so your muscles have fuel they can use once the game starts.

But it's wise not to take an "anything goes" approach to eating before games. Certain foods might seem like great pre-game options, but either they're not portable or convenient or they don't give you enough energy. Before they take the field, athletes need something that's both nutritious and quick and easy to digest.

As always, STACK is here to help. For some excellent pre-game nutrition choices, head over to STACK Basketball, where you'll discover Three Portable Pre-Activity Energy-Boosting Foods.

Photo:  cestlavegan.com


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