The Reebok ZQuick Is a Racing Tire for Your Foot

I'm not one to fret over my choice of running shoes—I tend to pick up whatever feels most comfortable at the time. I don't typically put in marathon numbers. I'm more of a 3-to-5-miler with some quick intervals or hill sprints thrown in. I picked my current shoes off a retail clearance rack some years back. They have served me well enough, I guess, but it's time to get a higher quality running shoe. Enter the Reebok ZQuick.

Based on technology used in Z-rated sports car tires, the Reebok ZQuick has aggressive styling and grippy tread to keep you grounded during your runs. They are light as all get-out, and they have a NANOWEB mesh upper that hugs your foot to provide a snug fit. These shoes are useful for a myriad of applications, but they're ideal for shorter runs and speed work where quick turns are key. You can tell almost immediately that the ZQuicks hug the ground, especially on harder surfaces like concrete or turf. They look and feel like the tires used on racetracks, so you can assume they'll give you many miles of use.

The webbed look and bright colors will be welcomed in the running shoe realm, where boring white shoes seem to be the norm. Did I mention the ZQuick is extremely light without being a true "minimalist" shoe? It makes them incredibly comfortable and not at all cumbersome.

For my style of training, the ZQuicks were perfect. I have a feeling they would be fine on long runs too. Check out the ZQuick at

Reebok ZQuick

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock