Exercise of the Week: Ropes Gone Wild

The STACK Exercise of the Week will help you improve your overall sports performance—including strength, speed, conditioning and flexibility. This week we highlight Ropes Gone Wild, an exercise that improves endurance.

Who's Doing It

  • Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions QB

Muscular Benefits

  • Improves overall endurance
  • Improves reaction time

Sports Performance Benefits

This conditioning exercise forces you to repeatedly swing heavy ropes in a consistent pattern while reacting to a partner's signal. The continuous motion elevates your heart rate to build cardiovascular endurance and teaches you to react quickly, even when you're fatigued.

Ropes Gone Wild How To

  • Assume a quarter-squat stance and hold a heavy rope in each hand
  • Swing the ropes in an alternating patten with medium-sized strokes
  • Walk forward or backward, or shuffle from side to side depending on partner's signal
  • Continue for specified time

Sets/Duration: 8x20 seconds with 10 seconds rest

Coaching Points

  • Follow partner's directional signal
  • Maintain consistent rope pattern
  • Do not pull on ropes


Andy Haley Andy Haley - Andy Haley is the Performance Director at STACK. A certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), he received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Miami University...
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