Russell Wilson Discusses His Off-Season Plans at Super Bowl XLVII

At Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson chatted with STACK about his college eating habits, his first off-season in the NFL and how Gatorade helps him prepare for the grind of an NFL season.

Russell mentioned that in college he only ate three times a day, one meal being a huge dinner, which was not the right approach to nutrition.

Gatorade products, from Gatorade Prime to the sports drink to the recovery shake, play a big part in Wilson's in-season fueling plan. He also spoke about the importance of recovering after a game, and how Gatorade has helped him do that. Wilson said he's excited for his first off-season in the NFL, and he plans to continue developing body, especially his legs, and working in some flexibility drills for his upper body.

Finally, Wilson offered some advice for incoming rookies. He said rookies need to prepare their minds, along with their bodies, for an NFL season, because they have no idea how long it will be.


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