Share Tunes Wherever You Go With Samsung's New Galaxy S/iPhone Dock

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Samsung DA-E550

If you have an iPhone but your family members or teammates use Samsung Galaxy phones, you might want to consider the new  Samsung speaker dock. The first dock to support both Apple and Android devices, it's a great choice for sharing tunes wherever you are, regardless of which phones you and your friends and fam are using.

The Galaxy S/iPhone speaker dock is the latest in Samsung's 2012 audio/visual lineup, which promises purer sounds in cool contemporary designs. The versatile stereo speaker system has dual docks to accommodate both Samsung Galaxy devices and Apple gadgets (via a micro USB port and a 30-pin connector). The dock is available in two styles, a sleek horn-shape model (above) and a more traditional box, and in two sizes, giving you a choice between seriously loud after-game tunes with your crew or convenience and portability for road trips.

Both versions feature 2.1 channels of sound and Bluetooth compatibility. Samsung has yet to mention prices, but watch the company's website around the dock's expected release date in early April.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock