Path to the Pros 2013: Sheldon Richardson

The top of the 2013 NFL Draft is rich with talented linemen, and DT Sheldon Richardson is an intriguing option for teams seeking a dynamic interior presence.

Sheldon Richardson's left forearm is the backdrop for a trilogy of tattoos that pay homage to the pro sports teams in his hometown of St. Louis.

There's the Cardinals bird-on-the-bat logo, the musical note symbol for the Blues in the NHL, and, of course, the St. Louis Ram.

There are 32 teams in the NFL, and the Rams have two first-round selections in this year's draft, numbers 16 and 22 overall.

"What if you're picked by a team other than the Rams?" We asked Richardson during a pre-draft visit. "Would that present a potentially awkward situation?"

Richardson replied, "St. Louis will always be my home."

It may be a non-factor, considering that Richardson could be off the board by the time his hometown team is on the clock.

The top of this year's draft class is rich with talented linemen on both sides of the football. But Richardson, who played defensive tackle at Missouri, is an intriguing option for teams seeking a dynamic interior presence.

"If you want to draft a lineman, I'm the total package," Richardson says. "I pass rush, run support, and I can get down the field like a linebacker. I think I bring a little extra to the game."

At 6'2" and 294 pounds, Richardson displays quick feet and the type of dexterity one would expect from a player 50 pounds lighter.

Richardson continues, "I can play some D-end, stand-up linebacker and be a blitzing linebacker. I can cover short-to-intermediate routes. I'm the total package."

We'll find out soon enough which team will be on the receiving end of that package.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock