Personalize Your Diet Plan With the ShopWell App


Eating healthier just got easier, thanks to the new ShopWell app.

Use the app to create a personalized nutrition plan based on your needs and goals. Just input your information—age, gender, health goals and dietary conditions—and the app will create a plan for you using an algorithm designed by a team of registered dietitians, Stanford University  statisticians and engineers and based on guidelines from the FDA, USDA and the Institute of Medicine.

When you're at home or in the grocery store, you can scan food barcodes to find out how well the items fit in with your plan. The app employs a red/yellow/green scoring system to highlight nutrition facts and ingredients. Score low? ShopWell will recommend healthier alternatives based on your personal needs and goals.

ShopWell is ideal for competitive athletes who want to gain an edge through their nutrition but lack access to a dietitian. Athletes can even tailor their profiles for the off-season, programming goals like adding muscle mass or burning belly fat.

The ShopWell app is free. Download it from the iTunes App Store.

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