TRAILER: 'Sims 4' Goes to Work in April

'Get to Work,' the newest update for 'The Sims 4,' lets you manage your Sim's professional and work life.

Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced plans to release the first add-on for The Sims 4. "Get to Work" will allow you manage your Sims' professional lives. You can work as a doctor, police detective or scientist, or become an entrepreneur and open up a bakery, clothing boutique or art gallery, among other options. The possibilities are numerous. As the trailer below shows, you can use your career choice to send old people to lock-up, help deliver babies or invent something in your lab that will help the world.

"If you're picking between a doctor, scientist and detective, that is a career track and you can only have one of those at a time," creative director Lyndsay Pearson told GameSpot. "A different Sim, of course, could have a different one. But you'll be able to run a business on the side as well. So, if you want to be a doctor who happens to sell garden plants on the weekend, you could set that up."

The main jobs are quite involved, so you probably won't have time to take on two. Regarding doctors, for example, Pearson explained, "They're really going to see patients. They're going to have to work with surgery machines. It's about working at that hospital and managing the things that are coming through the door."

As for scientists and detectives, Pearson added, "Your Sim is going to get to be a scientist, working in a lab and inventing things and inventing serums. They have a bunch of different effects on the Sims they can test them on, or their neighbors around town. As a detective, you'll go around town to solve crimes and track down criminals, interrogating them, booking them in to the station."

The Sims 4 expansion also adds two new skills: photography and baking. There are also tools to help you uncover an alien conspiracy.

"Get to Work" is expected to arrive in April.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock