Improve Your Vert With the SKLZ Hopz Vertical Leap Trainer

SKLZ Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer

Unique and effective, the SKLZ Hopz vertical leap trainer is a tool to train and improve your vertical jump; and it easily converts for other training goals. At $59.99, the SKLZ Hopz trainer is an affordable purchase for athletes of any skill level.

Although at first glance the Hopz system looks complicated, it's very easy to use. First, attach the adjustable waist belt and two ankle straps. The ankle straps can be fixed around the foot for a more secure fit. Then, attach the four 12-inch resistance bands, which can be fitted for athletes up to seven feet tall.

The Hopz is primarily designed for jumping exercises, such as Squat Jumps, Box Jumps and Step-Ups. The system keeps your legs in a crouched stance, offering immediate and consistent resistance and promoting a feeling of zero gravity. Due to the amount of resistance, however, it's best to keep Box Jumps at a low height to avoid injury.

When the resistance bands are connected to the ankle straps, the Hopz system can also be used for agility exercises—like High Knees, Quad Kicks and Lateral Slides. It improves lower-body strength by forcing the muscles to work against resistance.

Finally, the Sklz Hopz Vertical Leap Trainer can help a quarterback perfect hip swivel and footwork on three- and five-step drop-backs.


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