The 5 Worst (and 5 Best) Sports Nicknames

Maria Sharapova came close to legally changing her name to "Sugarpova," prompting STACK to consider the worst and best sports nicknames.

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Best Sports Nicknames

Maria Sharapova almost legally changed her last name to Sugarpova for the U.S. Open. Apparently, this was something she seriously considered, in order to publicize her recently created line of sweets. Fortunately, the idea was nixed when someone in Sharapova's camp realized what an awful idea it would be. Could you imagine the headlines if "Sugarpova" bowed out of the tournament early?

Sharapova came dangerously close to possessing one of the worst nicknames in sports. And it got us thinking. What current players have the worst and best sports nicknames? Click through the slideshow to find out and be sure to name your candidates in the comments.

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