STACK Approved: Callaway Tour i Series Golf Balls

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STACK recently had an opportunity to test Callaway's new Tour i[s] and i[z] golf balls, and the results did not disappoint.

The Tour i series balls employ Callaway's new Hex Aerodynamic pattern. Instead of standard dimples, the ball has a pattern of hexagons, which improves ball aerodynamics, so it flies through the air on a more consistent trajectory for better accuracy and increased distance.

Callaway also uses its second generation Dual Core Construction: a firm outer layer wrapped around a soft core. According to the company, this allows the ball to react differently, depending on the club used. When struck with a driver, the ball is deformed by the intense force, reducing unwanted spin.

The Tour i[z] ball features a strong inner core optimized to absorb club power for greater speed and distance. When hitting the ball with a driver, we clearly achieved additional distance without sacrificing in-air control. It played a bit harder than a control ball, but was comfortable to strike and control when chipping and putting. This ball is ideal for anyone looking to add distance to his or her long game without sacrificing short game performance.

Designed for maximum greenside control, the Tour i[s] ball has incredibly soft feel, which was immediately apparent when struck. As advertised, the ball's soft feel and spin control resulted in improved performance around and on the greens.  In addition, the ball offers excellent feel and control off a driver, without surrendering much distance compared to the Tour i[z]. Overall, the Tour i[s] is an excellent ball for golfers who wants superior feel without reducing shot distance.

The Tour i[z] and i[s] golf balls are available for $42.99. For more information, go to

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock