STACKletes Speak Up: Your Biggest Inspiration

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STACK wants to hear your thoughts, so we've been posing questions to our Facebook page. Last week, we asked what loyalty is, highlighting the response from STACKlete Patrick McCauley, who wrote that "Loyalty is dying in the age of money." This week we asked, "Who is your biggest inspiration?"

STACKlete Ignacio Lagos, out of Guelph, Ontario, shared this:

We have to agree with Ignacio. Rafael Nadal is an extremely hard worker, and it helps him dominate on the tennis court. He plays with flair and unstinting effort, but you see his name in the headlines only when he breaks a record. There's never any negative talk about him or his off-court activities.

When you look up to someone, you allow yourself be influenced by that person. This can be great for you as an athlete—as long as your role model is worthy, like Rafael Nadal. He is an excellent athlete to emulate. [Learn more about Nadal's mindset and how to hone your emotions like he does.]

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock