View With Your Crew: "Such Great Heights"

Such Great Heights provides a glimpse into the champion mindset by following MMA fighter Jon Fitch's journey toward a UFC title. Watch the trailer.

Inspiration plus perspiration equals athletic excellence. The movie Such Great Heights puts this formula to the test as it follows MMA fighter Jon Fitch on his journey toward the UFC world welterweight title. The first trailer for the documentary came out over Memorial Day weekend, and if it's any indication of the final product, Such Great Heights will immediately become one of our must-see sports films of the summer.

The film hits theaters on June 12, the perfect time for athletes seeking motivation to push themselves through off-season summer training. Most athletes train hard, and for those hoping to go to the next level, Fitch explains exactly what it takes to be a champion. "You've got to live fighting. It's as simple as that. You choose to be a fighter and put everything else on hold."

Jon Fitch studied jiu-jitsu under Dave Camarillo, the founder of Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu, receiving his black belt under Camarillo's tutelage and beginning his career as a light heavyweight, then moving t0 middleweight, and finally landing in the welterweight category. Part of the American Kickboxing Academy, the 34-year-old Fitch is currently ranked fifth in the world in that weight class.

Such Great Heights provides a rare, behind-the-scenes look at exactly what goes into becoming a champion. Viewers will follow Fitch through his workouts, relive his victories and defeats and meet others who train just as hard but will never get a UFC title shot. Find the inspiration you need to train harder this summer by checking out Fitch's story—in theaters across the country starting June 12.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock