Super Bowl Predictions from Matt Kemp and the MLB Stars at Athletes' Performance

Matt Kemp was born and bred in Oklahoma and made his name in Southern California with the Los Angeles Dodgers. So which team is the two-time All Star picking to win Super Bowl XLVII?

Dodgers' super-utility man Jerry Hairston Jr. serves as STACK's guest correspondent at Athletes' Performance, where the 14-year veteran talks Super Bowl predictions with big-league players preparing for the 2013 MLB season at the Phoenix-based facility.

Among the highlights:

  • Matt Kemp does not like to be touched when interviewed
  • Kemp reveals his plans for the Super Bowl
  • Hairston reveals his prediction for the 2013 MLB Most Valuable Player
  • Dodgers infielder Rusty Ryal picks the Ravens . . . we think
  • Boston Red Sox OF Jonny Gomes gets philosophical with his prediction and takes part in some friendly banter with Hairston. Gomes and Hairston were teammates in Cincinnati and Washington
  • Gomes also talks about the inspiration behind his newly sprouted beard
  • Most impressive: Hairston has some serious on-air talent!


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