Take Your Workout Outdoors With This Brutally Challenging Circuit

Take advantage of the great weather and move your workout outside with STACK Expert Ben Boudro.

I know a lot of people get excited when they officially start their outdoor workout routine. But one thing I often hear from clients is, "I have no idea what to do once I get outside though." Understandable. It's easy to get confused when you don't have a squat rack, dumbbells or equipment to use.

This workout solves that problem immediately. Virtually zero equipment is needed, it's fun to do, and it allows you to sweat outside.

How to do it

We are going to bust out your true athleticism with this one! At each move:

  • Go hard for 40 seconds.
  • Rest 20 seconds.
  • Go hard again for another 40 seconds.
  • Take 20 seconds to get ready for the next move.
  • Hit the same time sequence for the next move.

Simply put, it's 40 seconds on, 20 off for 2 sets at each move. After you do that for each move, you will have completed 1 round. Hit 2-3 rounds minimum.

The Moves

  • Falling Push-Up to Reverse High Knees (regress to regular Push-Ups/Burpees if needed)
  • Side Plank 2-Way Toe Touch
  • Icky Shuffle Over Mat
  • Kaisa Jumps

As you can see, these moves are challenging. Take your time at first and really nail down your form. Practice them ahead of time if you need to.

One thing I want to comment on is the Falling Push-Up. Make sure you are ready for that move. If you don't feel 100 percent confident, start with a regular Burpee or a simple Push-Up-to-standing up, then hit the Reverse High Knees. Sound good?

Chase It!

Ben Boudro

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