The Batting Tee Drill That Powers LSU Baseball

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Batting Tee Drills

It's not just for kindergarteners. Hitting the ball off a tee can make you a better batter. Here's how LSU's baseball team uses batting tee drills to get consistent hits. 

Javi Sanchez knows how to get batters to put up big numbers. As the hitting coach for Louisiana State University's baseball team, he helps the Tigers consistently rank among the most potent offenses in the SEC. Last season, LSU outfielder Raph Rhymes led the nation with an astonishing .431 batting average.

Sanchez knows that success on the diamond begins with hard work off of it. He says, "Proper training results in proper execution." One of his favorite drills, Tee Drill Fundamentals, will take you back—way back—to your earliest days at the plate: Tee ball. Learn his method below, and your quest for perfect hitting mechanics will seem like child's play.




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