Terrelle Pryor Is Catching Passes Less Than a Week After Having a Cast Removed From His Hand

Terrelle Pryor quickly regained the use of his injured right hand.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor was a bright spot for the franchise last season. Though the team went 1-15, Pryor led the Browns in receiving yards (1,007) and provided big plays when needed. During Week 15 against the Buffalo Bills, he tore a finger ligament in his right hand. He waited until the end of the season to get surgery and then his hand was placed in a cast. But the cast did not stop the 27-year-old from grinding in the gym.

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Most of Pryor's workouts focused on his legs and core. But he recently got his cast removed, and since Wednesday, he's finally been able to hold weight in his right hand.

That was only two days ago. Now the 6-foot-6 receiver is performing one-handed catching drills—with his injured right hand. After making a few cuts around cones, Pryor catches a pass from his trainer with one hand.  

There's no question about Pryor's work ethic. Switching from quarterback to receiver was no simple task. Pryor exceeded expectations, and he finally found his niche in the league.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock