'The 100' and 'Tomorrow's People' Shine at CW's Upfront

The CW's Upfronts shows promise with several shows that could become hits. Watch previews of 'The 100,' 'Tomorrow's People' and more.

The CW previewed its fall offerings last week. All the new shows had the same overall theme: pretty people in perilous or scandalous situations. Of the five shows unveiled, at least two pop out as potential hits: The 100 and Tomorrow's People.

The 100 takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Nuclear war has nearly destroyed mankind, and the only survivors are 400 people who were stowed away in 12 international space stations during the war. But after three generations of children are born aboard the ship, resources begin to run low. Leaders decide to resolve their growing problem by exiling 100 imprisoned juveniles to Earth to see if life can resume on the planet. Together, the group must find a way to forge a life in a world that's completely changed. The 100 will air during the midseason.

Tomorrow's People is a remake of the 1970s British sci-fi show created by Roger Price. It tells the story of a group of teenagers who realize they have special powers, like telekinesis and teleportation, and use them to thwart evildoers. The group is thought to be the start of the next phase of human evolution; hence the name "tomorrow's people." The Vampire Diaries' Julie Plec and Arrow's Greg Berlanti are the show's executive producers. Robbie Amell, cousin of Stephen Amell, the lead actor on Arrow, is in the cast alongside Luke Mitchell, Peyton List and Mark Pellegrino. The show will air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. following Arrow in the fall.

Other new shows that got introduced have potential as well. The Aimee Teegarden vehicle Star-Crossed looks like an ABC Family show that could turn into a sleeper hit. The midseason series circles around a forbidden romance between a human girl and an alien boy. Originals already has a built-in fan base since it's a spinoff of the CW hit Vampire Dairies. And Reign, the period drama about the life of young Mary Queen of Scots in 16th Century France looks most familiar. The clip makes the show feel like a mash-up of Gossip Girl and 90210 set in the past. Watch the previews for the new shows below and decide for yourself whether you wantto check them out in the fall.

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