The Awesome Coaching Tactic Behind That Incredible Viral Volleyball Play

Hustle, it appears, can be coached.

Odds are, you've seen the incredible viral volleyball play that's been burning up the internet over the last couple days.

If not, here you go:

That's Autumn Finney, a senior captain at Decatur (Texas) High School, making the unbelievable save.

What sticks out most about the play is Finney's amazing effort. Many players wouldn't even make an attempt on this ball. Not only is it careening well out of bounds in the opposite direction of the net, but a teammate also lies in Finney's path. Her only option was to jump like she intended to fly, despite being fully aware she was still tethered by the laws of gravity and that a violent crash onto the hardwood was unavoidable. After she hits the deck, she somehow pops up instantly, hustles back to her outside hitter position, dives to make another awesome save, and helps her team secure the point.

It's an inspiring effort, but apparently it's nothing new for Finney. According to one of her former volleyball teammates, she's the "master of effort points"—in part thanks to a unique coaching tactic. Finney's former teammate, who goes by @meagan_hurst4 on Twitter, shared some insight into said tactic in a recent tweet:

That's a pretty cool way for a coach to get great effort from their players. The tactic obviously left an impression on Finney, who didn't think twice before giving spectacular effort on her viral play. The old adage of "you practice like you play" is proven right once again.

"(My teammate) made a great dig and I was like, 'I cant let that go.'," Finney told of the play. "I honestly don't remember doing it."