The Best Sports Video Game of All Time Is...


We combed through the digital archives, seeded the top 32 sports video games and paired them off in the Best Sports Video Game of All Time Tournament. Now, we can finally name the winner.

We asked our STACKletes to weigh in on which sports video game was truly the best. Was it a classic like Tecmo Bowl? Or something more current, like a game from the Madden or the MLB The Show series? After tallying all the votes across our Facebook and Twitter pages, we are pleased to announce that the winner is (fanfare) . . . NBA 2K12.

The tournament winner is not really surprising, right? The NBA 2K series has always been one of the best franchises among sports video games, especially since last year's edition went the extra mile to include the Jordan Challenge, which allowed gamers to play through some of  Michael Jordan's most memorable career moments. That mode was extended in NBA 2K12 by the addition of several more legendary player, even including black and white renditions of some of the NBA's earliest superstars.

If you voted, thanks for participating. And for all things video game-related, stick with STACK Gamer.



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