The Complete Solution for Fixing Lower-Back Pain

Alleviate pain and soreness in the low back with this complete strategy from strength coach Matt Ibrahim.

Even the strongest athletes have aches and pains they must deal with. Aches and pains are a byproduct of pushing your body to the limit in the gym and on the field.

The lower back is a notoriously troublesome area for athletes. If another area of your body is tight or fails to move correctly, your lower back often compensates and takes on stress that it wasn't designed to handle.

More often than not, the culprit is your hips.

The hips are incredibly complex. Both large and small muscles crisscross the joint, and they can fail you if you have poor posture or muscular imbalances. And the lower back often takes the brunt.

So what should you do? You need a comprehensive strategy that goes beyondthe lower back and addresses the root cause of the problem.

Fortunately, Matt Ibrahim, strength coach and owner of Movement Resilience, and Dr. Zachary Gabor, physical therapist and strength coach at Boston Physical Therapy and Wellness, have a solution.

Recently, Ibrahim posted a series on Instagram called 30 Days of Low-Back and Hip Health, detailing a complete strategy for addressing your problems, eliminating pain and becoming a better athlete.

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Here's the complete series:

Day 1 – Push-Ups

Day 2 – Single Leg Hamstring Floss

Day 3 – Overhead Resisted Dead Bug

Day 4 – Medicine Ball Overhead Slams

Day 5 – Side Lying QL Stretch for Low Back

Day 6 – Low Back Pain & Medical Imaging

Day 7 – RKC Plank

Day 8 – Kettlebell Deadlift

Day 9 – Inchworm

Day 10 – Half-Kneeling Wall Hip Flexor Stretch

Day 11 – Walking Split-Stance RDL

Day 12 – Burpees

Day 13 – Pull-Ups

Day 14 – Dead Stop Single-Leg RDL

Day 15 – Greatest Stretch

Day 16 – Low-Back Pain and Aerobic Walking

Day 17 – Mountain Climbers

Day 18 – Kettlebell Swings

Day 19 – Single-Arm Suitcase Carries

Day 20 – Single-Leg Lowers

Day 21 – Goblet Squat

Day 22 – Butt Wink & Excessive Arch in the Squat

Day 23 – Pull Through

Day 24 – Hammer Nail Glute Stretch

Day 25 – Sled Drag

Day 26 – Low Back Pain and Your Environment

Day 27 – Glute Bridge

Day 28 – Sled Push

Day 29 – Side Plank

Day 30 – Crawling

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