The Top 5 Paid Health and Fitness Apps

STACK breaks down the top 5 paid health and fitness apps for you. Have fun getting in shape with these apps.

There are more 18,000 health and fitness apps in the iTunes app store, which, according to 148Apps, equates to about 2% of the total apps—nearly 800,000—available for download. But this tiny slice of the app store has generated plenty of downloads among sports enthusiasts worldwide. In fact, two of the top 60 paid apps came from the fitness category.

So, let's break down the top five most popular paid apps in the health and fitness category and see what might work for you! And while you're at it, be sure to download our own STACK Attack fitness app.

5. Sleep Time+ Alarm Clock and Sleep Cycle Analysis with Soundscape

At just $0.99, the Sleep Time+ app by Azumio squeezes a wealth of features into an inexpensive package. It offers an alarm clock that will ring even if your iPhone or iPad is in silent mode, using a number of alarm sounds or your favorite song from your music collection. It also offers the option to help you fall asleep via music or white noise via Soundscapes.

The app uses the iPhone's built-in motion sensor to note when you fall asleep, what phase of sleep you're in, and, therefore, when is the best moment to set off the alarm and wake you up to an energy-packed, non-groggy morning!


4. Fitness Buddy: 1700+ Workout Journal

The Fitness Buddy app by Azumio, also available for $0.99, has some heavy-hitters behind it. It's recommended by ESPN magazine, Lifehacker and Gizmodo as, according to Azumio, "the best fitness app ever."

It's up to you to decide if it lives up to that accolade. But with over 1,700 unique exercises to choose from, over 1,000 exercise videos, over 4,000 high-resolution exercise illustrations, plus over 75 prepared workout routines, Fitness Buddy definitely offers impressive workout support.

Fitness Buddy App

3. Couch-to-5k

The Couch-to-5k app by Active Network won the 2012 Appy Award for best health and fitness app. Customer reviews rave about how easy to use and effective this $1.99 beginner's running app is.

By leading a beginner runner through conditioning and training, helping the runner move from a sedentary to an active lifestyle through easy-to-follow steps, and combining the program with an encouraging and motivating voice, this little app has won the hearts of thousands, including prestigious Runner's World magazine.

Couch to 5k App

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

As the second alarm clock in our top five list, the simpler and more popular Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app by Maciek Drejak Labs keeps the look and feel simple but effective for the same $0.99 price.

It uses the same motion-sensing iPhone technology and provides similar functionality as the Sleep Time+ app, minus the Soundscape music options. It does claim to have been the #1 paid app overall in several countries around the world, and the comments of satisfied customers are tough to argue with.


1. iFitness Pro

Currently the most popular health and fitness app in the iTunes app store, iFitness Pro app by Health Xperts is "the best selling fitness app of all time." Even USA Today had to agree, giving the app 4 out of 4 stars and calling it "the best of its kind at the crowded app store."

This app includes hundreds of exercises illustrated and explained via image or video, 20 pre-defined routines, and the ability to custom build a routine of your own, with all the tracking features you'd expect and an inexpensive $0.99 price mark.

iFitness App

For those of you who need a little extra motivation, try: Get In Shape With the "Zombies, Run!" App.

So what are you waiting for? There's a ton of great health and fitness apps available. Get out there and get moving!

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