This Chest Workout Will Test Your Strength and Give You a Serious Pump

This 'Chest Test' will torch your upper body.

Looking for a quick and intense upper-body workout? I've been tinkering with different ways to build the chest, triceps, and shoulders for years, and I always find myself going back to this classic and intense "chest test workout."

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I'll never forget my first chest test workout. It took place at State of Fitness gym in Okemos, Michigan. My older brother Brian said, "Yo, we have 30 minutes, then we have wrestling practice so let's do the chest test."

Not knowing what the heck I was getting into, I instantly said, "Sure let's do it!"

Within minutes, my chest was on fire. I quickly realized that you can do a lot of work in a short amount of time with this challenge.

Since then I've done this with hundreds of my clients and I always get the same results.

  • They love the feeling of their chest feeling pumped like no other.
  • Within weeks, the definition and size of their chest go way up!

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Chest Test

Get a bench, chair or anything you can use to elevate your feet and two dumbbells (I used 30's) and do the following exercises:

Elevated Push-Ups x 30

If you can't do Elevated Push-Ups, you can always regress to regular Push-Ups, Knee Push-Ups or Bench Push-Ups. Just make sure your form is on point.

Incline Winding Presses x 12

Set the bench to incline and use this "winding method" that I got from Cory Gregory. It adds a little more burn to your pecs.

Dumbbell Flys x 15

Just a little something to keep your chest on fire!

Boom! That's 1 round.

Rest for exactly 1 minute.

Do 6 rounds total.

By the end, you will probably need to regress the Push-Ups or the weight you use for the Press and Flys.

Keep your form right and knock this bad boy out! Without a doubt, you will see big-time gains with your chest, triceps and upper body!

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