TRAILER: Johnny Depp Stars in Techno Thriller 'Transcendence'

Johnny Depp is on a quest for knowledge and power in the upcoming thriller, 'Transcendence,' which opens in April.

Johnny Depp stars as scientist Will Caster in the sci-fi thriller Transcendence. As the foremost researcher of artificial intelligence, Caster is the target of anti-technology extremists outraged by his controversial experiments, including an A.I. machine designed to combine all human knowledge with the full range of human emotions. After he is violently attacked by activists, Caster becomes the test rabbit in his own experiment as his intelligence is downloaded to a computer.

Caster's wife Evelyn and best friend Max, both researchers, face the dilemma of whether to help him with this project. Their worst fears are confirmed when Caster's desire for knowledge turns into an insatiable thirst for power. It seems he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The all-star cast features Paul Bettany , Rebecca Hall, the iconic Morgan Freeman, and Kate Mara.

Accomplished cinematographer Wally Pfister, whose work includes such films as The Dark Knight Rises, makes his directorial debut with this project. The screenplay was written by Jack Paglen, who is currently at work on Prometheus 2.

Transcendence opens in 2D theaters and in IMAX April 17, 2014.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock