Ball-Handling Drills to Improve Your Results in Half the Time

Two-Ball Dribble Drill

The easiest trick to improve efficiency during basketball practice is to perform ball-handling drills with two balls.

Our players here at 4th Quarter Training rarely perform a ball-handling drill with just one ball. The reason is simple: if you can dribble with two balls, you can work both hands at the same time. (See also 9 Types of Drills to Make You a Better Ball Handler.) On top of that, we found that our athletes improved a lot faster dribbling with two balls because of the concentration it requires. They can no longer focus on just one ball, because as soon as they do, they lose the other one.

Get started becoming a better player with this two-ball dribble warm-up. It looks extremely simple, but if you really push yourself, it's a great 10-15 minute warm-up.

Our Best Two-Ball Ball-Handling Drills

  • 2-Ball Dribble Stationary: Pound below knee 30 seconds
  • 2-Ball Dribble Stationary: Pound below hip 30 seconds
  • 2-Ball Dribble Walking: Bounce at the same time
  • 2-Ball Dribble Walking: Alternate bounce
  • 2-Ball Dribble Walking: Continuous through legs
  • 2-Ball Dribble Walking: Continuous behind the back
  • 2-Ball Dribble Jog: Bounce at the same time
  • 2-Ball Dribble Jog: Alternate bounce
  • 2-Ball Dribble Jog: Zigzag through legs
  • 2-Ball Dribble Jog: Zigzag crossover
  • 2-Ball Dribble Jog: Zigzag behind back
  • 2-Ball Dribble Sprint: Bounce at the same time
  • 2-Ball Dribble Sprint: Alternate bounce
  • 2-Ball Dribble Jog: Zigzag with partner


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