Unbelievable 17-Year-Old's 68-Inch Box Jump

Class of 2014 running back prospect Chris James of Notre Dame College Prep in Illinois already has multiple scholarship offers from high caliber D-I schools, and if you're curious as to why, watch the video below.

In a minute and 37 seconds of hyper-athletic insanity, James rifles off some gymnast-caliber Pull-Ups, powers through reps of what might be the world's hardest Push-Up (look for it at 1:01), and shows off some hops that are just plain unfair. His leap atop what's purported to be a 68-inch box may not be a bona fide measure of his true vertical, but the results are still impressive. No wonder big-time coaches are lining up to sign this kid.


Kevin DeFranco Kevin DeFranco - Former STACK intern Kevin DeFranco was a Business major at the University of Rochester, where he played on the football team and served as president of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
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