Use a Functional Ball Trainer for Basketball Workouts

No matter what sport you play, strength training is a crucial part of your workout routine. It's a given that you should be doing complex movements like Deadlifts and Squats to build muscle. But for basketball players, there's a special, functional way to train that can be more interesting—and more rewarding—than traditional exercises.

Using mini bands, bungee cords or a functional ball trainer adds resistance to moves you are already making on the court, replicating specific game situations. Once you're used to going through these motions with weight pulling you in different directions, you'll be able to make them faster and more efficiently when it's just you, your defender and a clear path to the basket.

In particular, working with a functional ball trainer—a basketball attached to a bungee cord, with an eyebolt that allows 360-degree ball rotation—will leave you better prepared for competition, says Michael Atkinson, Elite Pro Performance national consultant and A.C.E. certified personal trainer.

For more about working with a functional ball trainer, head over to STACK Basketball.


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