Vertical Explosion

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If you're looking to break out of those cement blocks on your feet and start playing your game above the rim, Kory Angelin has the perfect exercise for you.

The founder and president of Fast-Edge Sports Performance in Hauppauge, N.Y., has his client, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Wally Szczerbiak, perform Vertical Jumpers to help squeeze every inch out of his vert. Performing this exercise will not only give you more ups, it will also increase your speed and explosiveness. Angelin says, "We do [them] to really increase his vertical jump, which increases his explosiveness, which makes him faster."

Master this sport-specific exercise to bring dunking into your repertoire. Szczerbiak performs it twice a week during the off-season.

Vertical Jumpers
Wear belt around waist with bungee cords attached on each side. Partner on each side attaches end of bungee cord to his ankles. Partners position themselves to create 45-degree angle with bungee cords.

•    Assume athletic stance
•    Load lower body
•    Jump as high as possible
•    Land in loaded position
•    Repeat for specified sets and reps

Sets/Reps: 3x15
Adaptation: Hold a 6-8 pound med ball during exercise
Coaching Points: Begin in semi-squat position with feet shoulder-width apart // Explosively jump as high as possible // Use your arms to help you jump higher // Fully extend arms above head at top of jump // Land softly and on the balls of feet

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