Exclusive Video: Von Miller Rules the Roost

It's been a chicken and egg off-season for Denver Broncos LB Von Miller.

"Got my first chickens—38 chickens," Miller announced at the Broncos team facility this morning, as first reported by the good folks at Shutdown Corner.

The idea for "Miller Farms" was first hatched during Miller's time at Texas A&M, where he minored in poultry science.

Miller says, "They say all the time through college that you should go to classes and you'll find your niche. Well I was taking classes and I found my niche: chickens. I just feel like, man, this is for me. It's just something I can see myself doing and my family and my children doing for a long time."

Watch the video to see Miller in action at the Poultry Science Center on the Texas A&M campus.


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