Von Miller and Eli Manning Predict the Super Bowl

Ray Lewis and Von Miller

STACK couldn't resist asking Von Miller for his Super Bowl XLVII pick when we caught up with the Broncos linebacker at this year's Madden Bowl. Is he cheering for AFC  rival Baltimore Ravens (and idol Ray Lewis) or hoping the NFC's San Francisco 49ers take the game?

"I'm pulling for the 49ers," Miller says. He explained why: "They just have a really good team." But the star linebacker was quick to add, "anything can happen on Sunday though."

Although Miller will not be rooting for the Ravens, he did have some love for Lewis, saying, "I do want to see Ray Lewis get everything he deserves. Win a Super Bowl and go out as one of the best players to play the game for one of the best organizations in the National Football League."

Reigning Super Bowl champion New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who was at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, also told STACK that he's cheering for the 49ers this year.

Miller and Manning join other athletes like Matt Kemp and the MLB stars at Athletes' Performance chiming in with their Super Bowl picks. Who will be right? Check out 4 Reasons Why the San Francisco 49ers Will Win the Super Bowl and 4 Reasons Why the Baltimore Ravens Will Win the Super Bowl and make your own prediction.

Head to the STACK's Super Bowl page for more on this year's big game.


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