Wale Reveals Title and Release Date of Third Album

Get details on Wale's next studio album, "The Gifted," through the rapper's release trailer.

Wale -

Wale has revealed details about his upcoming third studio album. The Gifted will be released on June 25 by Maybach Music Group and Atlantic Records. The MMG lyricist opted to announce the news in an album trailer last Wednesday.

The minute-long clip starts off with the DC-based rapper sitting in a chair against a dark background. In a voiceover as images are displayed of Wale and his crew performing at various concerts, he says, "The hustler, priding himself on the very things they hate him for. Made it in a shady business that will make you war with your own patience or the very neighbors you made 'your boys' before the race to greatness caved it in. Talented. Can't keep a woman happy emotionally because at the present time, the present of his time is the only presence he keeps close to him."

During recent interviews, Wale has said that the new project would be more reflective of his earlier material and more soulful. "It probably sounds the most like 100 Miles & Running and a little bit of Attention Deficit," said Wale to MTV. "I just wanna show range. I've proven a lot to my peers and to myself and to my fans, so I just want to take it back to something a little bit more exciting, when the music was most exciting to me."

He is expected to follow up this record with a collaboration with comedian Jerry Seinfeld and a mixtape with fellow MMG member Meek Mill. For a better look at what to expect on The Gifted, listen to his latest single, "Bad," featuring singer Tiara Thomas.

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